One of the best things about Lake Tekapo’s scenic location is that it is far away from the lights and glows of the major towns in cities. The isolation and flat plains provide beautiful clear skies that offer unparalleled views of the stars and planets. This means that the skies there are almost completely free from any light pollution, making it one of the best places in the world for stargazing.

Recently, I was deeply impressed by the beauty of Lake Tekapo! 😄One evening I met a few people who told me that the „Mackenzie region“ is a magical part of the world, especially at night..🌌 Soon afterwards we walked around the lake a little and had to say a couple of times, that this is probably the nicest place. We explored the night sky for ourselves and of course, we took quite a few pretty pictures! 👆

What is more, I showed a chinese woman how to take good pictures at night and how the settings should be! Paradoxically, she had the most expensive camera I ever saw in my short life 😉 & photographic equipment .., but nevertheless she was happy  and satisfied with the lovely, unique results. It’s a good feeling to help people!

Sometimes I find it a little bit alarming how many photo shootings Chinese people do..I have been shocked by a wedding couple who placed at the entrance of the church taking hundreds of pictures at 3 in the morning! ; just wearing a little short dress with slightly plunging décolleté..

Personally, I was freezing : it was really very cold !

Greetings from a place far away..;)